RPM packages of munin-1.4 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and clones

These are my rebuilds of munin-1.4, based on the Fedora Rawhide packages. Please report bugs in these either to the Red Hat Bugzilla or to the munin mailing list. Please do NOT pester Kevin Fenzi with these packages in private.

The packages are built against EPEL, so you should enable EPEL to get all necessary dependency packages.

The rrdtool package in EPEL is old, and might give you strange behaviour, like hanging graphing processes. It you experience this, you may try a newer version. There are packages from the 1.3 series built for RHEL in the el4/rrdtool and el5/rrdtool subdirectories. These are based on the rpmforge package. Feedback on these packages should not be sent to the Red Hat Bugzilla.

For EPEL4, there are some missing perl dependencies. I have backported these from RHEL5/EPEL5. These are available in the el4/perl-deps directory.

Packages for el4

Packages for el5

PLEASE REPORT BACK on how/if these packages work for you. Use the munin-users mailing list. All feedback, including praise, flames and bug reports, are warmly welcomed.

For more information on munin, including the mailing list, see http://munin-monitoring.org/. For more information on Fedora, see http://fedoraproject.org/.