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This is my old home page. As you can see, it's from the pre-web-2.0 times. For newer contents, please consider my blog.

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my $Lord = my $shepherd;
my $wants = {};

for ( ever, 
let, me ) { sleep in,
green, pastures
and send me, beside, 
still, waters 
and my $soul = restored; }

send me, 
in, righteousness; 
for ( your, names, sake ) {

do stay if I;
seek ( death and shadow 
and I, shall, 
fear ); not evil; 
for ( $you = with, me, your ) 
{ rod and $staff = my $comfort }

for ( me, prepare, a ){ table;
close to; my $enemies
and bless my $head; with oil
until my $cup, overruns; }

Goodness and mercy; 
shall follow me 
until all, days
and I; do last } 
for (ever and ever, 
in, Gods ) { house }

# Psalm 23
# A perl prayer
# v0.3
# Ingvar Hagelund 2003-2016